Fulfilling Filler… by Priya @CGY

I have always endeavoured to make people feel better about themselves.  I find that there is nothing more fulfilling.  The change in people’s lives, the increase in their confidence are just some of the aspects I value and enjoy being a part of.

As a pharmacist, I helped people by providing them with the correct medicine and medical advice.  I like to treat each person as an individual, irrespective of what their ailments maybe.
Good, accurate advice can be the difference between a content patient and someone who loses faith in medicine.
As an Aesthetic Practitioner, this is magnified immensely.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a client who looks and feels much better about themselves after undergoing a procedure.
The results of the non-invasive procedures can be seen within a very short period of time.
My favourite procedures are lip filler treatments, as procedure is involves attention to detail and an artistic eye in achieving the size, shaped symmetrical lips for the client.

Everyone’s idea of perfection is different and I aim to achieve ‘perfection’ as defined by each individual client.
I joined the Team @ CGY because I felt that they always had the client’s best interests at heart.  They are frank, open and honest and never over-treat.
With CGY, along with my clients, I know that I am in safe hands!
Elegance Refined…
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Ms Priya Patel | MPharm | Aesthetic Practitioner

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