Gummy Smile

Bright confident smile…

At Cosmeticology, our Gummy Smile treatments are a simple and effective means of achieving a naturally confident, balanced smile.
Our qualified Aesthetic Practitioners target the specific muscles responsible to reduce the elevation of the upper lip, creating a balanced, natural, more attractive smile…

What is it?

Often known as a ‘high smile line’, a gummy smile is so called because this is where the upper gums are visible when a person smiles. This can be caused by a low gum line or very prominent function of the upper lip.

What can we do?

Using the same product used for anti-wrinkle injections, gummy smile correction can take place by making the upper lip sit lower so that less of the gum line is visible.
Many people prefer this as it can enhance their smile and allow for a more defined appearance of their lips and teeth.

Pre-treatment preparation

There is no specific pre-treatment preparation required.

What happens?

On the day you will be assessed by one of our practitioners who will perform the procedure.
The gummy smile correction procedure involves placing injections at specific points around the upper lip area.
The discomfort from this procedure is very minimal.

After the procedure

Following your procedure,  you may notice some redness or bruising of the area which is temporary and will settle

You should take care for 24 hours not to touch of apply any makeup to the area to prevent the product from being disturbed.

This treatment is not designed to freeze the lip so you will still have a full range of movement and a dynamic smile without showing excessive upper gum.

Who is not suitable

Anyone who has any medical contraindications to the product or who we feel will not cosmetically benefit will not be unnecessarily offered treatment or have it undertaken.


There are very little risks associated with this form of gummy smile treatment and it is otherwise safe.

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